Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Optimize Your Checkout Process?

Checkout is the final step in closing a deal in online shopping. You need to make a checkout process that converts; not the one which restricts leads to browse only catalog and watch you products to get some information and move on.
You need to convince them to buy from you, to make this happen you need a checkout process which is easy and simple for shoppers to flow smoothly through you checkout process. The only cause behind doing all this is, your e-store visitors have decided and have chosen a product, now they have to move on speedily.

how to optimize your checkout process
So, it’s your responsibility to provide a checkout path

without any hustle-bustle in it. How to optimize it for customer’s satisfaction and increase the conversion rate of sales; make sure to optimize it using the below mentioned tips:

Make it one page:

Many customers while shopping online will buy from you irrespective of; how complicated your checkout process is and how many steps they have to pass through.
Life is going on too fast now internet users are always in a hurry to move on and get more out of it, so most of them won’t make a purchase because of complex and multiple page process of checkout.
Therefore it is extremely important to condense your check out pages from five to one, in order to speed up sales. A single page checkout; which is just blended to make customers feel is that, it is just an intelligent purchase and this is the right time  to avail such opportunity, which results in making them feel that you care for your customers.

Remove distractions:

Being a store owner, it’s your responsibility to remove all the obstacles incurring in sales process. Remove the irrelevant fields from your checkout page which are neither useful for you nor for your customers, Like asking irrelevant and unnecessary information about company, fax, etc. Add newsletter subscription and options for registration, which can keep your customers up to date with your company’s recent information.

Ask less information:

In checkout process, you should not ask for more and more information or push buyers to put information in each field of checkout form.
Make it easy and assist buyers to type less e.g. entering the zip code and algorithm can automatically detect the city, state and country name. Another good example is, while buyer enters the credit card number, checkout form can calculate the type of credit card from the 1st 3-4 digits. In these cases your customer can easily move on without typing much information.

Make it responsive:

A Mobile-friendly version of your web store is an awesome approach to increase the conversion rate, because most of the shoppers are turning to their smart phones.
It is on record that ecommerce sales are increasing on smart phones and tablets. With such rapidly growing shopping activity on smart phones, you should also take the advantage and make your checkout page responsive, but make sure to just enable the vital fields and remove distractions which can annoy your customers and direct your customers to others paths.

Guest checkout option:

Most of the smart stores are not forcing their customers to register themselves before making a purchase. But still some of them are practicing this technique, which is annoying and directing customers away from your store.
Be flexible; provide your customers guest checkout option. If you are still after to ask customers to create their account, you can ask them after the purchase has made in the end.


If you are not optimizing your check out process, you are probably opening doors for your customers to exit promptly without buying from you.
After optimizing your checkout system, do test them because you cannot guarantee any step which has the higher conversion rate, you can modify the fields and options which are distracting your customers.
Pay attention to each part of your checkout page and remove the barriers to make a speedy checkout page.

Well, in the end I would say that; if your checkout page is not optimized then you should optimize it right now!
Do you have any other awesome idea for optimizing the checkout process? Do share with us in the comments.

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